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Final School Song

2012-04-22 15:10:40 by B-man123

Happy Ending is my last individual song that I will make in school. I will be a part of one more collaboration song, but I will not post it here. Go ahead and listen to Happy Ending!

New Song!

2012-02-21 02:47:19 by B-man123

Hey all,

I am done with a new song! The End is Near

New Songs

2011-04-19 22:39:02 by B-man123

Two new songs. ___A Song and Pro Tools Song #6. Enjoy.

And now a third! Pantalones!

A new song!

2010-10-31 02:23:34 by B-man123

Hey all!

I just uploaded a new song, Light Show - B123. I highly recommend it. ;)

I have also uploaded a few other demos since my last post, check those out too!


New Songs!

2010-05-10 23:07:32 by B-man123

Check out my new songs!

Pluto - The Lost Creature

Playing My Piano [B-man123 #2]

The song above is my beat to S-Rock's song, Playing My Piano.

PLease check these songs out!

Reason and New Songs!

2010-01-26 22:29:32 by B-man123

I ordered Reason on Christmas Eve, it finally came on the 27th! I will be making songs a lot more now. And they will hopefully be getting better. But I need YOUR reviews to improve.

I posted another song I made. ALL WITH REASON too. (It's from school) Check it out. There are two versions, one with brass (Reason Song #1), and one without (Reason Song #1 (No Brass)).

Edit: My new song. Reason Song #2 It's my first song made at my house with Reason.

I am currently working on an awesome song with a friend, it should be done this weekend.

New Songs!

2009-10-29 20:46:49 by B-man123

There are two new songs. Both from my audio recording class at school. One is made by me. Another is made by a friend. Pro Tools Song #2 This is the one made by me. Song by a Friend (Mary Burth) is the song made by my friend.

Check them out!!!

Edit: I made another song. You can find it here Pro Tools Song #3

New Song

2009-10-15 18:30:50 by B-man123

The new song is called The Downpour. I put a ton of work into it. Please listen, rate, and review.

New Stuff

2009-07-26 17:17:24 by B-man123

I've uploaded a bunch of new music. Please listen to and review them.



New Song: CorkScrew

2009-05-22 21:07:11 by B-man123

Here is a new song that I made.